Views of our property.

Plot diagram for propertyThis is the plot diagram of our property obtained from the county tax site.  I have added the approximate fence lines. The satellite photo is some years old and taken in winter.
Google Maps image of the property.This Google Maps image of our property was taken several years later on a summer morning.
Survey done in 2000Survey of the property.
Portion of the 7.5 minute quad chart from USGS.USGS 7.5 minute quad chart showing the position of our property in red.  The Missouri River is a couple of miles to the west. We are located along a ridge line.  Contour lines are 10 meters apart.
USGS quad with imagery.USGS quad of a wider view. You can see the Missouri River in the upper left corner. Our property location is indicated with a red arrow.

Swales and carbon dump

Garden with new rows on contour and old rows marked by garlic and shallots.The last few weeks we have been reconfiguring our garden along contour lines, with swales.  We are making wider beds and filling the swales/paths with straw.  I need to order white duch clover seed to seed the remaining "lawn" along with creeping thyme and Roman chamomile.  We'll let the violets grow, too.  We also want to do beds along the fence line to plant with a diverse array of pollinator attractors.  I'm also going to put in some dye plants, like dyer's coreopsis, which is also a native.

We also built a carbon dump for cardboard, junk mail, etc.  Annie laid a couple of pallets against the fence with the slats horizontal and Dodger pulled another escape.